A little list of boxes

I have this list in my head of all the things I want to do in life.  Some people may refer to it as a bucket list, but that is a bit too depressing for me.  I don’t want to do all these things before I kick the bucket.  I want to do all these things NOW.

So this list has a bunch of boxes to the left and those boxes are sitting pretty, just waiting for me to come along with my imaginary checker (held between the thumb and pointer finger of my right hand of course) and check them off.  As I tell people stories about my list I form little check marks in the air around me.  The list isn’t static – it’s a living organism.  Sometimes I don’t know something is on the list until after I’ve done it.  Example?  I had no idea I wanted to be unemployed for a year until I was about 11 months into it.  I also didn’t know that I wanted to go to school for journalism until I took a look at the degree offerings at Temple University and crossed them off alphabetically, one by one.

This list is also populated with things that have been on it for awhile – some scandelous, some not so much.  None of which I care to share now.  The main thing is that the list exists.  When I watch a movie and see a great scene I add it to my list.  When I hear a good story I add it too my list.  It’s my very own reality tv show/movie/great epic because when I am old and in a rocking chair I want to tell some damn good stories.


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