She’s at it again

So, I’m up and running…again.

covered darlaHere.  Hmmm.

Not as I planned, but planning is so 1980 and not like cool 1980 fashion, but like dorky 1980 computer technology.  I’ll explain.  So, I closed the doors on my crazy summer of travel to “concentrate” on my classes and my internship at the Philadelphia Daily News.  Then I met Sammy.

Now we are planning a roadtrip, a book tour and a mutual love affair with the world and so…I’m blogging again (Uncle Jack, aren’t you proud?).  When you are (1) as all over the map as I am with (2) enough positive energy to wipe out a city block it is really frickin’ nice to meet someone who accomplishes both of those tasks with even more vigor.

I have also been in the process of converting my wordpress blog to a big girl blog (no offense wordpress, but you have gotten me this far and now I kind need to upgrade – you understand, right?) and I was going to cease all this here writing on the world wide web until after the upgrade, but I can’t wait.  We’re planning and rhyming and scheming and well, you need to be a part of this dammit.

Here’s Sammy‘s recent explanation of our…our…well, just read on will you?

In April, I will taking a road trip with Darla Synnestvedt,, to create a media campaign around my cross country venture and search for vintage clothing.

We will be heading south — learning, collaborating, and seeking new experiences that we can’t predict until they actually happen.

The project will be blogged, recorded, photographed, and promoted. Social media outlets, other blogs, maybe even the NYT or Discovery Channel? The pitches are endless, the opportunities … boundless.

Our working title is “Vegan Gravy & Tapered Jeans.” Darla will be in pursuit of food. I will be in pursuit of fashion.

And, in September, I will be running the Philadelphia Marathon. All 26.2 miles of it 😉

Wait, Sammy…you’re running the marathon?  I want to run it too!


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