One of my famous (ly annoying?) mass emails.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I am known to skip around at about a 7.5 (if you disagree with my totally unscientific rating please feel free to email me back with your two cents).  That’s just me on a regular day.  I’m well aware that this behavior is fairly nauseating to some.  I’m sure I’ve lost friends over it, made some enemies and ruined someone’s otherwise fine day with my perky attitude and relentless positivity.  So, if that’s you, bear with me ‘cause today is hovering at about an 8.8 (and after this mound of General Tso’s bean curd I’m currently devouring it may be a 8.9)

Reason number 1 I’m wagging my tail: There are four (count ‘em four) stories with the Synnestvedt byline in the two largest newspapers in Philadelphia today. Find three delightful little profiles in the diabetes supplement that ran in both the Daily News and…drum roll please…the Philadelphia Inquirer (that’s a first!).  Pick-up a copy of the paper or click the link.  While you’re at it, read the pieces that Becky Batcha wrote.   If anyone knows how to craft a candid profile it’s this lady.

Reason number 1 1/2: The fourth story of the day is my favorite piece yet.  Check out the Yo! Foods page in the Daily News today for a Thanksgiving-themed, belly-busting tour around the city.  Footnote: If you want to try out one of these Philly haunts but don’t want to dine alone, you know where to find me!

In the interest of keeping this email short(ish) I’ll spare you the rest of the totally entertaining reasons this day rocks.  If you are dying to know reasons 2 through whatever (and why wouldn’t you be?), shoot over to my food has feet.

Thanks for your hometown support.


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