Although writing your resume may seem like it should be an intuitive activity, it is not.  Resumes are hard to write and if they aren’t written right they are even harder to read.  In my 10 years of HR and office management I’ve read many and in my 10 years of being a loving friend I have’t rewritten many more.

Some tips…

1. Unless you are writing a C.V. to be an expert at federal trials, keep it to one page.

2. Use past tense for jobs you don’t currently hold.

3. Keep it clean and pretty to look at.  If she ain’t pleasing to the eye do you think anyone will spend time with her?

4. Don’t regurgitate your resume in your cover letter.  Instead, tell a story that shows who you are.  How many times do you have to hear that actions speak louder than words.  In the wise words of G.W. Miller “Show me, don’t tell me!”

…if that wasn’t enough, send me an email.  I’m an animal at resume writing…a freakin’ animal.


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