Vintage Threads and Vegan Eats

This weekend is the official start to the SDS (That would be shorthand for Sammy Davis Darla Synnestvedt) roadtrip planning extravaganza.  To call it a roadtrip is a massive understatement ’cause this little girl is turning out to be the size of Precious and she’s got a mouth and attitude to boot.  And, yes, I did just talk about the roadtrip as if it were a person.

It’s getting big, but instead of TELLING you that I’ll SHOW you that (thanks to G.W. Miller for pounding that one into our tiny undergrad brains).  Here are some SDS text snipets from the last 2 hours:

“We must record everything.  Bringing batteries.”

“I’d like to dance…I’m a dancing queen.  Whoop.  Whoop.”

“I’m bringing running gear.  I run.  We should run.”

“Oh no…avoid stability…remember Sammy Davis SD SDV SDS Vegan Gravy and Tapered Jeans Martha Stewart…remember them all!”

“Larry says we need a third on the roadtrip.  He also says it’s going to be a sitcom.”

“I hear you’re traveling the country with Sammy Davis in the Spring.  When the hell are you going to graduate?”

“As much as I want to spend the next 5 hours planning SDS lovefest 2010, I’m ignoring most of your emails and texts until we get together so I can bang our some papers before you get here.  Just know I still love you.”

“There are so many exciting things on our horizon it no longer resembles a horizon.”


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