It’s On

(Eugene Tanner/AP)

Here’s a question.  How many readers of my food has feet are surf-enthusiasts?  Better question…how many are actually surfers?  If you fit into either one of those very small populations of the planet, then your tail is wagging as much as mine is.  And although my buddy, surf instructor and self-proclaimed “goddess facilitator” (more on that later) T.J. says that I’m a bonafide surfer I still have a lot to learn.  Thank god for these guys that don’t.  As anyone on my train this mornign can tell you I couldn’t helping beaming at the thought of these super heroes barreling through the North Shore.  God, I love this sport…

I’m not going to re-invent the wheel here so if you want more, more, more, try one of these:

For a sweet Times article by Jesse McKinley from this morning.

For an update from about an hour ago courtesy of ESPN Surfing.


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