When food gets funny. In two parts.

1. Danny Bonaduce interviewed George Perrier of Le Bec Fin the other morning and I literally peed the seat in the car.  These two should think about doing a radio show together every morning.  It’s much funnier than he usually is.  Sorry Danny, if it’s any consolation I’m still a regular listner.

Kate Jacoby and Rich Landau of Horizons

2. Rich Landau of Horizons (one of my top five favorite restaurants in Philly) was interviewed by Victor Fiorillo of Philadelphia magazine.  His interview is cute, but you know what is cuter?  His wife.

Victor Fiorillo: What you’ll do when your toddler Rio asks for a hot dog?

Rich Landau: I’ll give him a veggie dog. If the kid wants a steak, my wife says she’ll take him to the farm and say, “There you go. Kill it.”


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