I’m not blogging…I’m cooking

Very busy cooking.  Semester ended yesterday…might have killed EVERY exam, but let’s wait until grades come out before I throw a party in my head.  Very very busy cooking.

Party at Jenna’s on W. 23rd tomorrow night.  Ambitious menu follows…


Cheese board honeycomb & marinated mushroom – check

Toast rounds with arugula, goat cheese, bacon & fig jam – check

Pigs in a blanket – check

Bite-sized matzo blintzes w/asparagus, dill & cottage cheese filling  – oops…guess I better start flipping some crepes

Puaca (Turkish baked cheese turnover) – amazing recipe from Starting with Ingredients that I should probably start this hour

Mini-potato latkes with rosy applesauce – definitely not done

Mini-potato latkes with egg salad – ditto

Date in a blanket (baked date stuffed w/almond & wrapped in cheddar curry dough) – let’s give this little baby from Aliza Green a half check

Date stuffed w/cheese & wrapped in bacon – yup

Skordalia – another beauty from Aliza.  it’s supposed to be a rich Greek potato garlic dip, but my version is a rich Greek potato lemon dip considering the fact that this menu has to be free of garlic (long story).  bought some beautiful golden beets yesterday to roast and dip in the Skordalia.  yum – done

Bite-sized flourless chocolate torte – and done


Best part of the night…Sammy D is coming to help me fill the belly’s of 100 hungry New Yorkers.


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  1. December 31, 2009 at 2:13 am

    […] cooking.  i have this theory that you put your energy into food when you prepare it.  since i’m normally skipping around at an 8.8 out of 10 i would venture to say that there is a whole lot of goodness pumped into my food.  if you doubt me, shoot me an email and i’ll invite you over for some edible proof. […]

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