and done

I got a call today that made my tail wag.  It was a NYC number I didn’t recognize and when I picked up the phone I was pleasantly surprised for two reasons.  Reason number 1:  definitely cute Army guy/doctor-in-training was on the other end. Reason number 2: he was asking for my culinary expertise.

CAGDIT (cute Army guy/doctor-in-training) was a guest at the party I chefed for on Thursday night in Chelsea.  He was more then a guest actually, he was a neighbor and the provider of the kitchen I prepped food out of.  Turns out that a friend of CAGDIT’s is throwing a Boxing Day party and needs a menu chockful of finger-licking appetizers.  Who popped into his head but little ol’ me.  I’m flattered that my food makes a lasting impression, but I’m still going to pretend it was just an excuse to call me.

Here’s the menu I proposed:

~Cheese board w/brie, goat cheese and a hard cheese (like a smoked cheddar or an emmental), fig jam, honeycomb, black/raspberries & mushrooms (sauteed in olive oil and salt/pepper until soft)

~Bread rounds with arugula, goat cheese, bacon & fig jam
~Pigs in a blanket (Trader Joe’s is a godsend)

~Mini-potato latkes with rosy applesauce & dill egg salad (recipes for latkes & applesauce here: and, egg salad i just do with mayo, dijon, salt, pepper, celery and dill)
~Date in a blanket (recipe courtesy of the spectacular Aliza Green)
~Date stuffed w/gorgonzola & wrapped in bacon (baked at about 375 for about 20 minutes)
~Skordalia w/beet & asparagus (again, Aliza Green is absolutely spectacular…I couldn’t throw a party without her recipes)

And here is the best part of CAGDIT’s email: I really enjoyed having you in my place  – I hope we can do it again!

And my coy response: And, anytime (that was in reference to the invite back into your kitchen).


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