Thank god for trainers

Sassy and Sustainable is kicking some butt here.  Here’s a little summary of the last 24 hours in the world of S&S (that would be Sassy & Sustainble -the new working title for our two month road trip, of course).

1. Woke this morning at 5 am to finish a deadline for the Daily News.  Grab a copy of the paper on New Year’s Eve for some last minute celebration tips.

2. Had 8:30 am appointment with Zeus which rocked and we both know it.  First reason it rocked, when Zeus walked in the gym I was strapping my trusty heart monitor to my chest so my already tiny workout top was nearly nonexistent.  His words (and I quote) “Wow Darla!  Your abs are looking cut!”  Thank you Jesus…I mean Zeus.  Second reason it rocked: it was tough and it felt amazing.  In fact, it was tougher than normal thanks in part to the text I got from a friend mid-session.  Knowing I was surviving on very little sleep, it read “hope Zeus is going easy on you.”  And since I am an over-sharer apparently I didn’t feel the need to keep that to myself.  Last time I make that mistake.

3. Had telephone conference with a book publisher (at their request) today and we rocked it.  Sassy & Sustainable will not only be a multimedia road trip, but a book (or actually books).  New York Times best seller list here I come.  Hells yeah.

4. Intensive planning sessions with Sammy D all evening and then an 11 pm appointment to interview a potential third.

5. 12:40 train home was running 17 minutes late.

6. Did I happen to mention how much I love personal trainers?  Had a date with one last night and he most definitely made it to my list of “Top Two Personal Trainers EVER.”  Hot damn I love them.


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  1. December 30, 2009 at 11:41 am

    Thanks for the kind and informative words about your training experience with me. You earned those abs!!! Keep up the ridiculously high energy levels and and kickin’ ass Darla!


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