Boot camp with Zeus

I was about to post a cute little recap about the first four days of the New Year.  You know, all those little Darla insights about the weird things she’s been spending her time doing, but…

…then I realized that Sammy and I are one week out from our S&S photoshoot and I panicked.  And as every 30 year old woman does at a moment of panic, I called my personal trainer (who now has a website so you can see how super cute he is).  Duh.  I informed him I need a militant training/nutrition regimen for the next week in order to glow in these photos (good news is that I’ve been told lately that I’ve been glowing anyway – phew, that’s a good start).  Want to know the rules?  Good, ’cause I want to share them.

1. No alcohol.  Did you hear that?  No alcohol.  It’s me for god’s sake.  What is Darla without a little booze?  I guess those of you who see me this next week will find out soon enough.  And I have to apologize to anyone who was expecting me to throw some back with you – perhaps we should postpone until after the 13th.
2. No food after 8 pm.  Who eats dinner before 8 pm?!
3. Very little to no salt.  Oh, that’s fine.  It’s only my favorite ingredient in the WORLD.
4. No cheese.  No dried fruit.  No peanut butter.
5. The food plan is too ridiculous to lay out in detail now because I will most likely jinx myself and not stick to it.  So, in the interest of toning my body to it’s absolute limits in one week I’ll just give the basics.  It looks something like this: green shake for breakfast, salad with animal protein for lunch and steamed veggies for dinner.  It’s starting to sound suspiciously similar to my week in Bangalore.
6. The training consists of turning my regularly tough Zeus sessions into killer circuit hours.  My first one is tomorrow morning (I’ll let you know how I fare).  Also adding an hour of running onto the end of said killer circuit hour.  And on the “off” days, doing 30 minutes of sprints followed by 60 minutes of regular old running.  Add core onto each day and I have myself a week.
This plan makes eating, partying and dating difficult and, well, what else is there?


  1. Juan said,

    January 6, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    You could easily keep in shape, drink booze, feast before you you go to sleep. And when you workout, the workouts should take maybe a 1/2 hour. Running for more than 45 min. is for losers. Running is great for every other day, but unless you really enjoy it, 30-45 min. is more than enough.
    Take it from me, life is a party.

  2. January 8, 2010 at 12:45 am

    […] with Zeus is so far my favorite week EVER.  Although I’m going to have to admit it now…I will be drinking (very moderately compared to my normal rate) tomorrow night.  Dancing with my cousins (who really […]

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