2010 Recap.

It’s actually just a recap of the first week…in chronological order of course.

1. After partying the night away in a penthouse on the upper east side (the fireworks were jealous of our vantage point), and retiring to an apartment in Chelsea filled with 15 friends and family members, the best way to start the New Year is with perfectly poached eggs and cheddar grits at Cookshop followed by a stroll along the High Line.  Talk about sustainability.  The High Line is a perfect example.  Take a rundown elevated rail and turn it into a walking path complete with sculpture art and wildlife (aka plants – which is totally wildlife in NYC).

2. 2010 is going to be a good year.  The reason I know this?  I got to be a +1 at a wedding on the 2nd of January.  Have I mentioned how much I love plus one-ing?  Not only that, but the wedding was five hours away in Oneida, NY.  That means roadtrip + wedding.  To top it all off, my date rocked (as did his driving skills, which = major turn-on) and I think I made a couple new friends from San Francisco and nobody can have enough friends from San Francisco.

3. On the way back from the Oneida wedding we successfully avoided Denny’s and made a stop at an authentic small town diner at the request of my date.  Did I mention yet that my date rocked?

4. While looking through the end of my grandmother’s estate, my cousins and I found 1) old love letters 2) terrible childhood photos 3) 5 matching St. June pendants (mine hasn’t left my neck since Monday) and 4) ugly sweaters…please invite us to an ugly sweater party next year.  I would call that the perfect foursome.

5. Mailing an application for an Indian visa makes me happy because it signals an upcoming trip to India.  Applications for ten year Indian visas make me VERY happy.

6. Discovered my new favorite hobby on January 6 and after having a phone conversation with my father earlier tonight it all makes sense.  You see, apparently the first gun I ever shot was a Smith and Wesson Model 29.  That would be the gun that Good Ol’ Clint Eastwood is holding in the picture to the left.  Want to know how old I was when I first shot it?  6.  That would be six years old.  No wonder I’m a good shot now.  Anyone in the Philly area that wants to go shooting…my number is 215.356.5740.  Call me.

7. Boot camp with Zeus is so far my favorite week EVER.  Although I’m going to have to admit it now…I will be drinking (very moderately compared to my normal rate) tomorrow night.  Dancing with my cousins (who really should be my sisters) definitely requires a drink or two.


1 Comment

  1. sande said,

    January 8, 2010 at 9:41 am

    i actually became obsessively into shooting when i lived in FL and would go again any minute of any day. there’s a good range right off the italian market and a crummy one on spring garden.

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