Apologies to all.  It’s been entirely too long since I last posted.  Apparently I wanted to revel in all that is Sammy, Darla, and Julia a little bit longer.  I’m done now and ready to move on.

Tonight I went to meet some friends at a suburban restaurant worth mentioning.  In fact, this place is so worth mentioning that it gets its own post.  Let’s preface this little restaurant review by saying that I had an amazing day.  Even in the realm of Darla days, this one ranked pretty high up there.

Fast forward through the whole amazing day though and transport me to the bar at DeAnna’s.  It’s a tiny restaurant in the heart of Lambertville with a bar that made me want to linger (and I’m a tough sell when it comes to suburban spots).  Even though the bartender was completely overwhelmed and not able to take my order until an hour (an hour!) after I arrived, I was still content.  The ambiance was stellar, the food making its way to other tables smelled delicious and the strangers at the bar were friendlier than the average New Jersian.  Let’s leave out the fact that the Kettle One martinis were super dirty, well-shaken (what does that even mean?) and absolutely perfect.

A microgreens salad with warm goat cheese and roasted beets was finger-licking good, however, as someone that sees cheese as a “easy out” I think the salad could have done better without the dairy.  The whole wheat baggette was worth cheating for (remember the Zeus diet) which is more than I can say for the fairly dry house cheesecake.

If the kitchen was faster (I had people to socialize with and parties to attend) I would have ordered one of the homemade pasta dishes undoubtedly with some seafood.  And when I saw the pillow-size oysters on half-shell walk by at one point I nearly fell off my barstool.  I’ll be back for those babies.


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