No sugar

Exciting day ahead and I’m already behind (a difficult feat considering I was up at 5 am).  Today is day one of shooting the pilot for the yet-to-be-named SammyDarlaJulia project.

Take one: Sammy sets up a Sammy D Vintage clothing rack in front of F.I.T. and attempts to woo passing fashion students into 1) buying a piece from the collection, 2) engaging in fashion-speak (a language that goes WAY over my head), or 3) reacting in some yet-to-be-determined way.

Take two: Julia serenades the lovely unassuming New Yorkers in Central Park while Darla proceeds to dole out love in the form of cookies to said unassuming New Yorkers.

The fashion is real.  The music is solid.  And the cookies are healthy (or healthier compared to the average chocolate chip) thanks to Simply Gluten-Free for the GF peanut butter cookie and for Nikki’s Healthy Cookies Recipe.  The healthy cookies have no flour (but they do have oats so they aren’t GF), no sugar, no eggs and no butter and they are amazing.  I’ll be modifying the crap out of those babies in the months to come.  Although I have a bone to pick about the obscene amount of sugar in the GF PB cookies.

Time to run along West Side Highway before the shoot.  Wish us luck.

P.S. We are taking name suggestions starting…now.


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