crack kills

yup, that pretty much sums it up

I asked my friend Amy if she had a great/horrible/funny/traumatizing food experience she would like to share.  This is her response…


A great food experience!?  What ISN’T a great food experience??… gosh you should have seen me circling the rice pudding the other day… I just can NOT stop eating that heavenly substance.  If I hadn’t made it myself from scratch I would’ve sworn there was crack in it.


Oh! and then there’s the terrible/wonderful world of cruise buffet food, where my sister, Jess, and I brought in the New Year…. oh god…but please don’t make me publicly admit how much I love that.  So embarrassing.


what a future glutton looks like

The First Person Arts Burger Tour this fall was pretty awesome – ever heard of a beet on a burger?  Apparently they do it all the time in Australia – and also at this little place on Sansom Street that has the most amazing bar counter (made of some kind of gnarly African wood – with the bark still on) I have EVER seen.  I wanted to strip down naked and plaster myself all over it.  But that’s not about food….


Living in the Italian Market is about 50 great food experiences rolled into one.  75 mangoes for a dollar you say? Sold!  And did you know that there is a butcher – just a block from my house – that sells bison, python, emu, alligator, kangaroo and more??  You should go ask that guy about his greatest food experience.  But he might not speak English.  That’s how it is in Little Italy (most of them don’t speak Italian either.)


family - check

Then again there’s boring old Whole Foods, just a couple blocks in the other direction… I’d be lying if I told you that “What’s New Wednesday” (free samples from 5-6pm) isn’t programmed into my phone so that I don’t forget to partake of that gourmet, ever-new and ever-exciting weekly dining extravaganza.


Or I could change the background music to organ hymns, and write about the neighborhood’s most holy places – the coffee shops, which I call “church” (complete with blood and body of christ – coffee and a scone).  I pray in those sanctuaries every Sunday – and more often if I’ve had a really big stretch of sinning – which as you can imagine sort of happens a lot.   In fact I feel like I’m sinning almost whenever I’m eating…. you know I wonder – should I really be groaning like this if I’m not even married?


So um… sorry Darla, no…I really can’t write about a great food experience.  I don’t even know what one of those would be.


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