FOUR days of FOOD

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This past weekend was so chock full of good food that one restaurant review won’t do. We all know I’ve never been very good at limiting my choices.  How do I choose just one? Wait. Better question: Why do I choose just one?  No good reason I can think of.  Here is a 100-word review per dining experience (and yes, McDonald’s counts as a dining experience).


My craving this evening was animal parts (feeling a little low on iron lately are we?) so slurping down dozens of buck-a-shuck happy hour oysters, Cherrystone clams and $3 happy hour Kenzingers at Oyster House was a pretty good start.  Follow that up with country pate and creamy chicken liver mousse at Parc and you have yourself one happy (dirty martini drinking) girl.  Even though I didn’t order it this time, my favorite dish on the Parc menu is the piping hot escargot served in an equally piping hot cast iron dish. Ahhh…animal parts.


Dining in the Philadelphia suburbs is not one of my favorite hobbies so finding something to satisfy some sort of nutrient intake while drinking Steel Drivin’ Stout from the Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Co. (holler for Williamsport!) could prove difficult if it weren’t for an early dinner at Plush (also the scene of one of my previously-proclaimed favorite first dates, but, shhh, don’t tell him that – his ego is big enough already).  Before Zeus I would have ordered the Chicken Spring Rolls which bartender Jay appropriately calls “healthy on the inside.”  This time the crab cakes (served with rice and broccoli) hit the spot…okay, let’s be honest those creamy stouts didn’t hurt either.

And good thing those beers were keepers because the dirty martinis at Ortlieb’s later Friday night could not have been further from adequate (I’ve had water stronger than that little concoction).  Switching to a chocolate stout and munching on jalepeno polenta and sweet potato fries was a much wiser choice while listening to to the very talented Peppe Merolla on drums (I think I admitted to him that I have a small crush) and Steve Turre on the horn.  I’m not much of a jazz horn fan, but Turre also happens to play the conch shell…what?!  And the whole experience gets better when you have Maureen Malloy from WRTI on your arm – she’s famous in those parts, you know.


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Saturday I tried out a new restaurant with a date (well, I think it was a date…sometimes it’s hard to tell) so that’s two of my favorite activities in one.  Favorite activity number 1: trying out a new restaurant.  Favorite activity number 2: wondering if I’m on a date.  I normally avoid everything about restaurant week, but Zahav actually nailed the concept down. In the absence of describing each of the 25 small dishes on our table at some point during the evening I’ll say this: A.MAZ.ING.  Just go.  You won’t regret it.  And if you do regret it – call me – I’ll owe you a dinner.


Continuing to film the yet-to-be-named SammyJuliaDarla pitch has made NYC my home away from home – pleasant, but not as satisfying as having the powder-filled backcountry of the Wasatch Mountain range as my home away from home.  One thing that NYC has on Utah – unlimited dining.  Rocking Horse Cafe hooked it up with super strong maragaritas, duck crepes, moist chicken (have I mentioned I can’t get enough animal parts right now?) and some of the creamiest guacamole I have ever slapped on a chip and slid into my mouth.  Eating at a bar is always preferred especially when the restaurant is full of cute waiters who let you stay after hours to keep the margarita dream alive.


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