By the Strings of Grandma’s Apron

“Hola Chica’s!! It’s me Quesadilla!” Ok, so maybe I’m not an Hispanic transvestite tupperwear sales girl from Orange County, but it’s a helluva introduction!

I’m Keturah, friend of Darla, fashionista, lover of food. Not always in that order. Darla writes about food, I spend my days writing about clothes and…ta da!! Today the magic will happen.

At fourteen I wanted to write a book and knowing that one of the titles HAD to be “By the Strings of Grandma’s Apron”. I thought that if I could take an account of the life lessons my grandma taught me all while standing at the stove, or shopping in the grocery store…the world could be a better place.

Must read: "Art and Cook: Love Food, Live Design and Dream Art" cookbook

Time passed, as did she, and along came the lovely city of Philadelphia.

There’s something magical about going to a dinner party, or reading an amazing cookbook and coming home only to create my own interpretation of something that captured my attention and taste buds. Recently, I went out for restaurant week to Tazia on 11th and Arch and had THE. MOST. AMAZING. Wasabi dumplings. What did I do soon after?? Went to Reading Terminal and bought a shit load of collards, the Asian market for wasabi, picked up a few onions, garlic and potatoes on the way and made my own AMAZING sauteed wasabi collards. A little Asian soul food fusion.

Life is about interpretation and action. Be it a salmon marinade of olive oil, scallions, lemon juice and garlic with a kick of curry or a chocolate cupcake with a cherry at the bottom….it’s your call really.


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