The snow is always higher on the other side

So, Rima probably wasn't dressed like this in the blizzard, but it's still a good picture.

While I’m getting sunburnt in the desert and eating a lifetime supply of Lebanese mezze like silky smooth Hummus, crunchy Fattoush and creamy Mutabbal, I can’t help but feel a bit envious of those on the East Coast enjoying the storms of the century.  Especially when I get reminders of what I am missing out on…

“Just had an amazing culinary experience……bundled up in my down coat, scarf, hat; with a warmed gluten free brownie waffle in my gloved hand, I set out into the accumulating snow for a walk by the creek. Munching that warm chocolate in the midst of a soon to be blizzard was an extraordinary juxtaposition. Nothing but the sound of the creek muffled by the falling snow…”


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