Local means five steps away

Script writing...SammyDarlaJulia style

One of my favorite things is throwing together a meal from the ingredients that can be found in my kitchen…or your kitchen.  I pride myself on being able to walk into any kitchen (give or take a ketchup and beer bachelor pad) and put together an kick-ass meal.  Granted, I’m not sure I would enjoy that experiment quite as much if I walked into a kitchen filled with frozen fish sticks, Prego spaghetti sauce and Oscar Mayer bologna, but…actually, let me take that back.  I would love that challenge.  In fact, that may be a part of what The United States of SammyDarlaJulia is all about.

This morning I cooked breakfast for a couple hungry people consisting of only what was already in my kitchen (kind of an unfair standard though – after all I am a chef).  Here’s the menu:

Chicken soup eggs – When making an omelet use only one yolk – it doesn’t matter how many whites you use (unless you are cooking for the entire Marine Corps in which case you may need a few more yolks – and some back-up).  It improves flavor and consistency dramatically over an egg white omelet.  Start by whisking together the egg whites, the one yolk, some rice milk (who needs dairy when you can milk rice?) and fresh cracked pepper.  Get a pan up to high heat and dry roast shiitake mushrooms, turn the pan down and add the egg mixture and some leftover chicken barley soup from the weekend of TLC.  Use a spatula to break everything up and to make sure the omelet gets evenly cooked.  While that finishes, throw some Delba bread into the toaster (what, may I ask, is ‘Fitness Bread?’).  If you have dairy eaters at the table then top with a thin spread of goat cheese and fig jam.  Or top with smoked salmon, a bit of grapefruit preserves and a fresh mint leaf.

You may be asking yourself ‘Who the hell has homemade chicken barley soup, grapefruit jam and some weird German bread on hand?!’  No one – that’s who.  The point is that you can use ANYTHING to create a good breakfast – just do your organs a favor and leave the Oscar Mayer out.

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