Screwing around…

I screw around with my diet a lot.  Anyone who knows me is aware of this fact.  Sometimes I’m vegan, other times you can’t pry me away from animal parts.  I’ve been known to be gluten-free.  Occasionally my diet includes a lot of green shakes.  Usually you can find me avoiding sugar and dairy.  No matter what it always includes a lot of vegetables, a lot of water and very little caffeine.

The most likely catalyst for change is my high expectation of entertainment and my abhorrence of boredom.  I mean, seriously, do you know anyone else that wears wigs on a regular basis just to avoid boredom from my own reflection?  If you do, send them my way – there has got to be another one of me out there, right?

The other catalyst for diet-screwing is a penchant for flavor-healthy foods (I’m coining that phrase so don’t even think about taking the url).  Cooking food is rewarding.  Cooking food that your body needs is even more rewarding.  That’s not to say I’m a purist…I occasionally take part in the post-race McDonald’s cheeseburger and won’t judge you if you like Grade-A Mikey D’s beef too.  But, I find that the healthier my lifestyle is, the healthier I actually WANT to eat.  Take right now in my life as an example.  I’ve been running my little butt off (well, it’s getting littler with all this running around).  My pace is increasing (after all you couldn’t have gotten much SLOWER than me before), my endurance is improving, my recovery time is diminishing and I’m generally feeling fitter.  So, if I run 10 miles in the morning and then eat a steak covered in fontina cheese with a side of french fries dipped in mayo and a generous helping of mac and cheese what the hell am I running for?!

So, when sitting on the beach at JAL Resport and Spa in Fujairah yesterday after successfully launching the philanthropic efforts of a donation-worthy local non-profit I didn’t even need to choose my food wisely – my body chose for me.  As my friends chowed down on club sandwiches on white bread slathered in mayo and filled with processed meat and egg, gigantic “mega-bite” burgers on huge white buns with melted cheese and piles of double-fried french fries (*note: the food at JAL is out of this world – particularly anything they do with fish – in fact, the nicoise salad is worth the hour and half drive from Dubai) I enjoyed a much milder selection.  My “I’m-turning-into-a-serious-runner” body picked the tuna carpaccio salad – raw tuna with ginger and mixed greens in a Dijon vinaigrette.  And then like a hungry rabbit I scavenged my friends plates for all the greens I could dig up.

And after being convinced that the french fries were some of the best ever tasted I sampled one…and you know what, at that moment I would have taken a fresh leaf of delicious greenness over that fried bite of starchy potato.  But, check with me tomorrow…I may be singing a different tune.


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