favorite hobby number two

it actually may not be number two…maybe it’s number seven…or number one.  i change my mind too frequently to keep any kind of actual list.  that would take will power and i am in short short supply of will power.

10 best hobbies on the planet (in no particular order):

\snowboarding. this actually probably is number one because strapping on my board and ducking a rope in mineral basin off snowbird’s backside is my idea of heaven.  if you followed that then you know what i’m talking about.

\first dates.  i can’t help it.  i’m a serial first dater.

\oversharing. can i use the same excuse again?  sure, why not?  i can’t help it.  I’m a serial oversharer.

\changing my mind.  nothing quite so refreshing than a good change in career (10 years of law firm hell – bye!  i’ll miss you!),  location move (in 30 years i’ve called 17 different places home), engagement ending (um…yeah), or switch in major (fine art, photography, nursing, business, midwifery, journalism).

\cooking.  i have this theory that you put your energy into food when you prepare it.  since i’m normally skipping around at an 8.8 out of 10 i would venture to say that there is a whole lot of goodness pumped into my food.  if you doubt me, shoot me an email and i’ll invite you over for some edible proof.

\working out.  do i really need to pimp out my trainer anymore than i already do?  everyone and their mother knows that i love zeus.  no seriously, i just spent a lunch with my mom today telling her all about how much love him.

\writing.  duh

\traveling.  scandanavia at 18 (thanks roland). numerous u.s. road trips including philly to virginia beach (on a semi-regular basis – a girl needs her accupuncture yo), philly to new orleans (5 am hurricane’s at pat o’s aren’t going to drink themselves), philly to vermont (only in winter and only before this girl smartend up and moved to utah), philly to utah (beers in cornfields across the country isn’t a bad way to spend two weeks), pch (thank you bff in san diego and sister in san fran). turkey at 28 (thanks ahmet). dubai/oman/india at 29 (‘nuf said).

\being a +1 at a wedding.  you mean i get to dress up and spend a couple hours drinking, dancing and meeting a room full of people i don’t know?!  what’s the catch?  this is too good to be true.

\camping and surfing.  this is a two for one deal because i don’t do either on a regular enough basis to call them actual hobbies.  i haven’t camped in over a year although i used to do it a lot while living in utah (if you are a camper and you might want a camping buddy point me to the online application).  i surfed for a good month in hawaii this summer.  i kicked some ass and then the ocean kicked back harder (ask my left elbow joint who won that fight).


Thank god for trainers

Sassy and Sustainable is kicking some butt here.  Here’s a little summary of the last 24 hours in the world of S&S (that would be Sassy & Sustainble -the new working title for our two month road trip, of course).

1. Woke this morning at 5 am to finish a deadline for the Daily News.  Grab a copy of the paper on New Year’s Eve for some last minute celebration tips.

2. Had 8:30 am appointment with Zeus which rocked and we both know it.  First reason it rocked, when Zeus walked in the gym I was strapping my trusty heart monitor to my chest so my already tiny workout top was nearly nonexistent.  His words (and I quote) “Wow Darla!  Your abs are looking cut!”  Thank you Jesus…I mean Zeus.  Second reason it rocked: it was tough and it felt amazing.  In fact, it was tougher than normal thanks in part to the text I got from a friend mid-session.  Knowing I was surviving on very little sleep, it read “hope Zeus is going easy on you.”  And since I am an over-sharer apparently I didn’t feel the need to keep that to myself.  Last time I make that mistake.

3. Had telephone conference with a book publisher (at their request) today and we rocked it.  Sassy & Sustainable will not only be a multimedia road trip, but a book (or actually books).  New York Times best seller list here I come.  Hells yeah.

4. Intensive planning sessions with Sammy D all evening and then an 11 pm appointment to interview a potential third.

5. 12:40 train home was running 17 minutes late.

6. Did I happen to mention how much I love personal trainers?  Had a date with one last night and he most definitely made it to my list of “Top Two Personal Trainers EVER.”  Hot damn I love them.

and done

I got a call today that made my tail wag.  It was a NYC number I didn’t recognize and when I picked up the phone I was pleasantly surprised for two reasons.  Reason number 1:  definitely cute Army guy/doctor-in-training was on the other end. Reason number 2: he was asking for my culinary expertise.

CAGDIT (cute Army guy/doctor-in-training) was a guest at the party I chefed for on Thursday night in Chelsea.  He was more then a guest actually, he was a neighbor and the provider of the kitchen I prepped food out of.  Turns out that a friend of CAGDIT’s is throwing a Boxing Day party and needs a menu chockful of finger-licking appetizers.  Who popped into his head but little ol’ me.  I’m flattered that my food makes a lasting impression, but I’m still going to pretend it was just an excuse to call me.

Here’s the menu I proposed:

~Cheese board w/brie, goat cheese and a hard cheese (like a smoked cheddar or an emmental), fig jam, honeycomb, black/raspberries & mushrooms (sauteed in olive oil and salt/pepper until soft)

~Bread rounds with arugula, goat cheese, bacon & fig jam
~Pigs in a blanket (Trader Joe’s is a godsend)

~Mini-potato latkes with rosy applesauce & dill egg salad (recipes for latkes & applesauce here: http://bit.ly/7sPrJI and http://bit.ly/7hMqYi, egg salad i just do with mayo, dijon, salt, pepper, celery and dill)
~Date in a blanket (recipe courtesy of the spectacular Aliza Green)
~Date stuffed w/gorgonzola & wrapped in bacon (baked at about 375 for about 20 minutes)
~Skordalia w/beet & asparagus (again, Aliza Green is absolutely spectacular…I couldn’t throw a party without her recipes)

And here is the best part of CAGDIT’s email: I really enjoyed having you in my place  – I hope we can do it again!

And my coy response: And, anytime (that was in reference to the invite back into your kitchen).

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