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Exciting day ahead and I’m already behind (a difficult feat considering I was up at 5 am).  Today is day one of shooting the pilot for the yet-to-be-named SammyDarlaJulia project.

Take one: Sammy sets up a Sammy D Vintage clothing rack in front of F.I.T. and attempts to woo passing fashion students into 1) buying a piece from the collection, 2) engaging in fashion-speak (a language that goes WAY over my head), or 3) reacting in some yet-to-be-determined way.

Take two: Julia serenades the lovely unassuming New Yorkers in Central Park while Darla proceeds to dole out love in the form of cookies to said unassuming New Yorkers.

The fashion is real.  The music is solid.  And the cookies are healthy (or healthier compared to the average chocolate chip) thanks to Simply Gluten-Free for the GF peanut butter cookie and for Nikki’s Healthy Cookies Recipe.  The healthy cookies have no flour (but they do have oats so they aren’t GF), no sugar, no eggs and no butter and they are amazing.  I’ll be modifying the crap out of those babies in the months to come.  Although I have a bone to pick about the obscene amount of sugar in the GF PB cookies.

Time to run along West Side Highway before the shoot.  Wish us luck.

P.S. We are taking name suggestions starting…now.


Three for the road…or maybe T.E.N.

We have some big news.  Mighty big news.



Ok, here goes…

We got our third.  Period.  End of story.  Sammy and Darla is now Sammy, Darla and Julia.  Or, more accurately, Darla, Julia and Sammy (so we can use the handy acronym D.J.S.).  That’s dee jays.  Right.  What was two is now three and honestly we are a serious triple threat.  Get ready corporate sponsors because we’re coming and we are going to knock your pants off.

Julia Ilowiecki is a rockstar (click on her name and check her out on Good Morning America).  She’s a broadcast graduate from University of Miami, incredibly talented budding musician in NYC with a successful US tour under her belt and most importantly a stellar chick up for a little (and by little I mean VERY BIG) adventure this fall.

Sammy met Julia on Thursday, called me breathless 0.05 seconds after she walked away to tell me we found her.  After an hour-long telephone call on Friday, Julia and I were on our way to bff-dom.  On Sunday, Sammy and I walked into Julia’s Midtown apartment, I made myself at home in her kitchen putting together a gluten-free snack and cracking open a bottle of cheap chardonnay purchased at a neighborhood market.  Twenty minutes into the little meet and greet, Julia was in.  And she’s perfect.

Now the real work begins…

grandmamaid would never have made something this green

last night my cousins and i spent a couple hours reading my grandmother’s old love letters.  she saved everything every suitor (because that’s what they were called back then) ever said to her.  or maybe she didn’t and she was even more popular than we will ever know.  regardless, we came across a stack of letters from her and addressed to her first husband (our grandfather). at the top of each letter she included her current body weight.  131. 125. 128.  always her weight in the top right corner as if it bore some significance to the correspondence between young lovers.  maybe it did.  who am i to judge?


so, this post is a shout-out to all the super fit people in the world who make green shakes on a regular basis.  i’m sure it gets easier with time, but seriously?  that’s a lot of work for something you drink. i can’t bitch too much because it seems it might pay off considering i did an hour of intense circuit training (including over 50 push-ups…woot woot…i’m a machine) followed up by and hour long run today and sustained myself on this shake (until a dinner made entirely of veggies and egg whites).

i’ll share the recipe (adapted from zeus of course), but devote some serious time to this little friend the first time around:

Green stuff (yield: lots of cups of green stuff)

1/2 bunch of kale
Green banana
Small apple
½ avocado
2 stalks celery
Packet of freeze-dried greens

Blend everything except the water in a blender or food processor.  Add water to get the consistency you want to drink.  Done…

*How the hell do you crack open a bloody coconut?!  Good question.  Here’s my favorite way.  Drill two of the eyes out with a corkscrew.  Pour coconut water out of one of the holes and into the above ingredients.  Hold the coconut firmly and whack it onto the counter along the equator (the line that wraps around the center).  Depending on how many push-ups Zeus made you do that day you should be able to break it in half in a couple thwacks.

Footnote to all you trainers/really fit people who make their own variation, please feel free to share with me.  Sharing makes me giddy.

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